Necrodeath - Defragments Of Insanity (LP)




TFH 84 – 140g Splatter vinyl

After 30 years since the release of ‘Fragments Of Insanity’, Necrodeath entered in studio to re-record the entire album.
Cosidered a cult classic for decades, ‘Fragments Of Insanity’ is the quintessential Thrash Black Metal album, that has influenced many bands over the years and has been praised by fans and artists alike. This new version will give to younger fans a chance to own a piece of history that was no longer easy to find.


Track List:

1. Choose Your Death
2. Thanatoid
3. State Of Progressive Annihilation
4. Metempsychosis
5. Fragments Of Insanity
6. Enter My Subconscious
7. Stillbirth
8. Eucharistical Sacrifice



LP Released: April 2019