TFH 87- 3panel Digipack CD with 8pages booklet /Wooden Boxset (contains: ‘Fase XIV’ Digipack CD, ‘XV’ Cassette, tshirt, 2 pins, cardboard and handnumbered signed certificate)

Runes Order is a Dark Ambient project founded in 1988 by Claudio Dondo in Genoa, Italy.
The new album “Fase XIV” is inspired by old sci-fi movies, feature old stuff recorded between 2010 and 2017. This is a new step in the RUNES ORDER’s sound, more kraut Rock oriented, but keeping the trademark of the classical soundtrack sound. 9 instrumental tracks recorded with the latest line up, plus featuring Regen Graves of ABYSMAL GRIEF and various guests.


Track List:
1. Altra Entità Biologica
2. Esperimento
3. In Fuga Dal Laboratorio
4. Ritorno Ai Boschi Di Tunguska
5. Loro Sono Già Qui!
6. Occhi Delle Stelle
7. Il Rettile Sotto La Pelle
8. Gli Adoratori Del Sole
9. Cerimonia Astrale




Released: October 2019